Welcome to Elementalstudios, home for artist Sabrina Mantle. I am a mulit-media artist woking in a wide range of matierials. This website is mainly for my oil paints and digital photography, my sculptures and collages can be seen on Facebook. I live in Cincinnati, OH where I show in various galleries around town, the work you see here has been in gallery shows and is now available online at a reduced price. I really believe that original art is something anyone can, and should own.  With my low prices, and wide variety of styles and sizes of fine art prints, its easy for first time buyers to get started. On the left side of this page you will find links to my oil paintings which include landscape, still life and abstract. Also various categories of photographs such as landscape, floral, and manmade objects. The photos you see at this site are available for purchase here in various sizes and papers, and you can order custom frames for them if you like. If you don't see what you are looking for, of if you have a request or suggestion please contact me. All photos can be bought as 5x7 greeting cards ($4 each or 4 for $12) and I also do custom calendars and t-shirts. If you want instant buying power, check out my 'merchandise for sale' page. It takes you to my Zazzel items which you can customize and buy online! 

After reading Cory Doctorw's book Content, a collection of lectures about how digital information should be freely shared and enjoyed by all to enrich our lives and grow our minds, I have decided to give away digital files of my photographs to anyone who wants them. Just send me a email and let me know which photo you want, one per person please, and I will email you a jpeg which you can have for free. You can do whatever you want with it, use it as screen saver, print cards, frame, collage, use as profile pic, alter, whatever you want as long as you don't sell it. Via la Revolution!




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